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Some of My Champions!   2005
#1 IFC Pools Singer, #2 IFC Daves Fox Hill Louse, #3 IFC MJR Concert Big Jack, #5 IFC Freddy Line Joe, #6 FTC Doylands Oakie, #4 IFC Murray's Holly Prop,#7 FC Crown Point Yankee,#8 IFC Crquette Rouge,#9 FC Covey Hill Pitch.
    Some pictures at my running grounds!
  News Flash !!!!
FTCH Doylands ROOSTER --Top Sire for 2010 Futurity            
    Congratulations to George Steeves with New F.T.C.CRYON TOMAHAWK   at South West Nova -- 13" male by ROOSTER.!!
Two of the placing 13" males at the Futurity sired by Rooster!
2.Southwest Nova Trial   13" males---1st and 3rd places sired by Rooster!
Doyland's Justice
FC Crown Point Yankee
                Dick Doyle
              22 Summit St
      Warrensburg NY 12885                                      
  Phone Number 518-623-9304
      E-Mail Me At:
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